Shayley Pate

Feminist Movement

Hi, my name is Julie and I am a woman and deserve the same rights as men have. I do the same exact job as a man and get paid whole lot less. The National Organization helps women like myself fight for our rights. We fight for rights such as not getting paid as much as men for the same jobs and for voting rights. The organization also fought for women to have an abortion, but I don't support abortion. I am glad that the world is finally seeing that women can do the same thing men can do and that we are changing society for the better!

Latino Movement

My name is Alicia, I am a Latino and we deserve equal rights just like everyone else! we have three main goals, which are that we want restoral of land, better education, and rights for farm workers. I work on a farm, and for the longest time I haven't had rights. Cesar Chavez has helped a whole lot with this problem, he started the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee this has helped a lot for or fight! My children are in school but they don't get as good education as a white kid does. I want my children to grow up and be well educated so they will have a good job.

Native American Movement

My name is Ana, I am a Native American and I deserve rights! My cultural means everything to me and the U.S. is trying to make me forget about it and act like them. On our own land we didn't have any rights for a long time but after fighting for many years we got some rights. Some other things we didn't have control over was our education and personal affairs. We protested and fought against the U.S. for our rights and eventually we got laws to protect us and give us the rights we needed.

Counterculture Movement

Hi, my name is Jackie. I don't think that we should have war because it is way too violent, I think that everyone in the world should just work everything out peacefully. Where is war going to get us in life, because no one really wins in war because whoever is fighting both looses a lot of people. I think that everyone should just make friends with everyone because life is too short to be fighting and doing things you don't like to do. That's why I started to do drugs because they relax me and like I said you should do things that you enjoy and not worry about anything.