Mrs. Waller's BHS Choir Class

Assignments week of April 20-24

Zoom Ahead!!!!

Ready for a Zoom call? I'm going to give you the homework assignment before the call and you can give me your input during that time. If there's absolutely no way you can make the call, you may write your answers out in a document and email your responses at or record yourself speaking and send them to me in that fashion. Here's how you get on the meeting:

Go to

Enter meeting ID 782-598-9850

If the site asks for a password, it's 733181

You can also directly log in by going to


Listen and sing along as much as you can remember to "One Day More".

1. What sections did you have a hard time remembering?

2. What sections were easy for you to remember?

3. Were there any solos that you didn't normally sing but actually sang when you went through the video?

4. What's your favorite section (words, phrases, points in the song)?

5. What does this song make you think of?

6. Would you be willing to reprise the roles that you were singing next year (seniors, that's you, as well... would you come back and sing with us if possible)?

On our Zoom call, we'll be discussing these questions for a grade. We may even sing together with a crazy lag, but eh, why not have some fun?

Web address (click or type it in, cut/paste):


Go to and join meeting with this code (Meeting ID): 782 598 9850


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What can I do for YOU?

I know a lot of you are anxious and nervous, stressed over jobs, family, schoolwork. What can I do to help you out? You can text or call me anytime on my Google number at 314-635-0858. Emailing me is also fast:

I miss you guys! I'm hoping you're staying safe, healthy, and taking care of yourselves.

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