Elementary School Teacher

Ally Quiroz

Day In The Life

Working as a teacher I would teach children in grades one through eight. I would also plan and teach learning activities each day. I would also test and record the progress of each student. Then I would discuss these records with their students' parents.

Work Environment

Mostly indoors but sometimes I would take the kids out for recess.

Working With People Or Alone

I would work with other teachers and children to do my job.

Working With Your Hands, Head Or Both

I would work with my hands and my head.

Earning Potential

I would earn from $36,580 to $85,700 per year.

A Set Schedule Or Viable Hours

I would have a set schedule because I work during school hours.


It would not be necessary for me to supervise others.

Qualities You Need To Be Successful In This Career

To succeed you would have to have the following qualities: good with children, have lots of patience and be a good listener and leader.

Training Or College

You must be state certified and have a bachelor’s degree. To be able to be an elementary school teacher it will take about 4 years or more.

Could You Do This Type Of Work?

I know I could do this type of work because I am good with children and since I was little I wanted to be a teacher. I am really good at teaching things and work well with others.