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Thursday 6th March 2014

Dear Area 31 Entrepreneurs and Friends

We have a big week coming for up for ventures and those who are interested in joining the venture lab! We have a Venture Lab Team Building event for those who have ideas and are interested in the next Venture Lab intake. We have a free Venture Meet Lawyers session for selected startups to pitch their ideas to lawyers for feedback. If you are interested in growing your startup in Boston, make sure you check out the Constant Contact Small Business Innovation Program. The Open Education Challenge is also a great opportunity for innovators interested in education. Last but not least we have a new blog post from José María Lucía Moreno about his startup Mi Mochila Digital


Lawyers meet Ventures

Tuesday March 11th


Location: Area 31

In a fast and free "Venturers meet Lawyers" session selected startups will pitch their ideas to a group of legal experts that will analyze their idea and show you potential pitfalls and interesting options that exist from a legal perspective. Much like Twitter has come to enjoy special tax treatment in San Francisco through solid legal advice, your investment of a few minutes of your time, might pay of nicely in the short, or long term.

Entrepreneurial Management Course

Tuesday 11th March 2014, 12:00-1:30

Wednesday 12th March 2014, 9:00-10:30

Thursday 13th March 2014, 10:00-11:30

Location: Area 31

This is a private course for students of IE Business School IMBA students

Venture Lab Session

Tuesday March 11


Location: Area 31

This is a private training session for participants in the Venture Lab, IE’s startup accelerator. The two topics covered will be, Getting to metrics and Term Sheets.

Venture Lab Team Building

Wednesday 12th March, 2014


Location: Area 31

The Venture Lab is a 5 month startup acceleration program run by IE Business School´s Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. If you are a designer, programmer, engineering, scientist or marketeer who wants to join a startup team or has a great idea to share we want to hear from you. Come meet our network of international students and join forces to form Spain´s most diverse startup teams! Learn more

Venture Network

Thursday 13th March 2014


Location: Area 31

Our weekly pitching slam in Area 31. After the pitches, stick around and have a beer with us and network with investors and entrepreneurs. You can register here.


Grow Your Venture in Boston with Constant Contact’s Small Business Innovation Program

Where will you go after Venture Lab?

Adjunct Faculty and Alumnus, C. Todd Lombardo (IMBA 2010), works on the Innovation Team at Constant Contact, where the team is launching an accelerator for startups focused on small businesses. Participants in this inaugural program will receive resources, including a 4-month residence at the new Small Business Innovation Loft center at Constant Contact’s headquarters outside of Boston; access to a group of small businesses that have opted in to trying new offerings; $10,000 for marketing activities with coaching from Constant Contact marketing experts on how best to spend those dollars; mentorship from and access to members of the Boston area angel and venture communities; and the opportunity to work side-by-side with a group of early-stage startups that all share a commitment to making small businesses successful.

The program is accepting applications until March 31 with the program beginning this summer. Learn More

Open Education Challenge

The Open Education Challenge, launched in partnership with the European Commission, is part of Startup Europe. All innovators can submit projects, receive mentoring and seed funding through the European Incubator for Innovation in Education, and get direct access to investors from day one. The deadline for submission is March 17th.


Meet the Startups in Area 31: Mi Mochila Digital

José María Lucía Moreno blogs about his startup Mi Mochila Digital, the first Educative Integrated Platform in Spain of products, services and educational contents with artificial intelligence algorithms generating recommendations adapted to every child´s profile. Read More


The use of Area 31 as a coworking space will be limited during the following days:
  • Tuesday, Mar 11th, 12:00-13:30pm, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Tuesday, Mar 11th, 19:00-22:00pm, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Wednesday, Mar 12th, 12:00-13:30, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Wednesday, Mar 12th, 19:00-22;00, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Thursday, Mar 13th, 10:00-12:00, half of the space will be available for coworking
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