Visit One Of Our Many Shrublands!

Shrublands Are Us! :)

Awesome Shrublands!

The Shrublands are a great place to come and visit! During the summer it might be hot and dry but during the winter its cool and moist. You will be able to see all of the beautiful animals in the Shrublands like African Wild Dog, Kangaroo's, Bats, Rabbits, to the dominant predators! Plants like Shrubs, Aromatic Herbs, and Grasses can be found here! Don't worry all of the animals have adapted to the changing in weather to all of the predators in the Shrubs, you don't have to worry about ghetto blood thirsty animals in the Shrublands! Its a dog eat dog world in the Shrubs, but the animals have found ways to survive here. All of the big/touch animals have no worries here, but I cant say the same thing about the little animals running around here.

Don't Be Square, Shrublands Are Every Where! :D


If your ever wondering what some of the limiting factors in the Shrublands are here are a few! Fires being started in the Shrublands effect the growth of plants and wildlife! Droughts are another, a lack of rainfall can be devastating in the Shrublands for the plants and wildlife! Species loss is a very bad deal, without a certain type of species in the Shrublands its hard for the Shrublands to function. Well don't be scared and be adventurous and come on by! Special thanks to all of the websites for letting us use their information about the Shrublands.