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San Ysidro High School, October 2018 Edition

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

We are having an awesome year so far. Our students continue to be successful and thrive in a multitude of areas. Our teachers do a great job in supporting all our students by creating a nurturing and welcoming educational environment. SYHS provides opportunities for our students to develop their individual potential through programs, field trips, sports, clubs, visual and performing arts, and extra-curricular activities. We also have fun events such as our recent Homecoming Dance, which was a great success. In a couple of weeks, we will have our Thanksgiving break and when we come back, we will only have a few weeks until the end of the semester. Please encourage your student to do their best academically so they won’t fall behind. I hope everyone has a happy Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Go Cougars!!!


Eduardo Reyes, Ed. D.


October is Filipino American History Month

Filipino American History Month is celebrated in the United States during the month of October. In 1991, Filipino American National Historical Society board of trustees proposed the first annual Filipino American History Month to commence in October 1992.
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Excellence in Teaching and Learning

AVID Teacher Award

Mr. Sacco was presented with the AVID Teacher Award in recognition of utilizing AVID strategies in his classroom to help students achieve mastery, especially for developing a Growth Mindset within students and teaching them how to persevere when learning music.

Thank you for all you do.


On Tuesday, October 16th, SYH hosted 6 Australian principals who came to learn from our AVID program. We hosted the principals, presented about our AVID Demonstration program, they visited various classrooms, and they spoke to a student panel.

They commended us on our program and were impressed by the amount of collaboration and student interactions they observed in their class visits. Additionally, they spoke highly of our student panel, especially on their dedication and preparedness and brought them gifts from Australia as a token of their appreciation. They stated they would like to set up a collaboration between our staff and students and their schools.

Marko Gutierrez

San Ysidro High School

AVID Coordinator/AP English Teacher

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Math News

Financial Algebra students were learning about Banking Services in chapter 3. As a bonus, a representative from San Diego County Credit Union visited all classrooms on Friday, September 21. The represented came well prepared with materials for a workshop called Teens and Money 101. The purpose of the workshop was to prepare students for financial independence. The first topic covered was money management through the lens of wants vs. needs and setting goals. Tools were provided such as budgeting and spending plans. The next topic focused on opening and maintaining savings and checking accounts. Tips were shared on benefits provided for student accounts specifically. Lastly, the workshop discussed the importance of building credit and using credit wisely. Since all students in this course are seniors, this was very eye-opening for them.

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Pumpkin π, anyone?

Check out Ms. Monegan's Calculus students' Jack O' Lantern Masterpieces. Great Job!!!
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The French Club

We wanted to make a positive impact in our community and be outdoors in a beautiful setting so we cleaned Imperial Beach. We found pieces of plastic, paper, plastic bottles, alcohol cans and bottles, cigarette butts, old toys, peanut shells, and charcoal. Afterwards, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, then wrapped up the night with subway sandwiches and ice cream.

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Mr. Orphanos Visits School in Russia

During Spring Break, Mr. Orphanos visited Korifey Gynasium School # 210 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The Korifey Gymnasium and San Ysidro High School are forming a partnership, of possibly becoming Sister-Schools. Mr. Orphanos was greeted by several different classes and students, who asked him questions about American teenagers, our morning video production show, the different hours and days students attend school and what sports students play after school.

After school some of the Russian teachers and administrators met with Mr. Orphanos. We discussed possible cooperation between the schools, exchanging videos, lessons, classroom management tips, blended learning, and the exchange of articles between our Journalism classes for each other’s newspapers. Also discussed was organizing a Russian Club at SYHS and an American Club at School #210.

With our many different customs and cultures, we both have much to learn about each other.

SYH Speech and Debate Team

San Ysidro High has launched our Speech team! We attended our first Speech and Debate tournament on Saturday and I am very proud of the students hard work. Join me in congratulating:

  • Marianne Parra 7Th place Novice Humorist interp
  • Mark Rodriguez and Emily Landeros 3rd Place Novice Duo
  • Marianne Parra & Marielle Para 1st Place Novice Duo
  • Luna Mendez

Having 4 out of 5 students win awards is an amazing feat and a testament to the talent that we have here at SYHS.

We are looking forward to our next tournament on Dec 8th.

If you would like to help, there are two ways you could help.

The attire at these events is “formal Business”, so if you have an old suit or jacket you would like to donate, I am sure our next competitor would be grateful.

If you would like to spend some time judging students, we would be happy to help.

Contact Mr. Lopez if you have any questions:

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SYH NJROTC competed in the Troy Athletic Field Meet

San Ysidro NJROTC competed in the Troy Athletic Field Meet at Troy High School in Fullerton, CA on September 29, 2018. Forty-three cadets competed in 15 events in an exhausting but fun-filled day. Of the 26 schools competing San Ysidro placed 2nd overall. Event results are as follows:

1st – 100x16 relay

1st – 200x8 relay

1st – Endurance relay

1st – Extreme Leap Frog

2nd – Dizzy Izzy

2nd – Rope bridge

2nd – Wheelbarrow

3rd – Volleyball

5th – Football throw

6th – Boardwalk

7th – Torpedo run

10th – Tug of war

15th – Push ups

15th – Sit ups

17th – Frisbee golf

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The English Beat

Kagan Strategy: One Stray

Kagan Structures are easy-to-use, easy-to-learn instructional strategies that promote English language learning ( One Kagan strategy that was recently modeled at the October 25th English department pullout was the "One Stray" strategy.

Here's an example of how the strategy might be used in English 11:

Step 1: Arrange students in small groups and assign each student within the group a number (e.g. 1-4).

Step 2: Distribute a "chunked" text and instruct students to work with their small group to analyze the first chunk for rhetorical devices, appeals, or types of evidence.

Step 3: Teacher calls out a number (e.g., 3). One student from each group with the corresponding number must stand up.

Step 4: Teacher calls, "STRAY" and the students that are standing must join another group.

Step 5: Students compare their analyses with their new groups.

Step 6: Students return to their home groups and share what they just discussed with their "Stray" groups.

Step 7 (optional): Repeat process as needed.

If you have any questions on how to implement this strategy in your classroom, feel free to contact the English resource teacher:

Cougar Culture and the Arts

Disney Fall 2018 Rehearsal Week


Check out Sidro@Nite Pictures of the Annual Stride Against Breast Cancer Walk with Chula Vista High School at Balboa Park, the San Ysidro and Sweetwater High School South Fortuna Hike, and our new Vegan Cooking Club!!


October 24th, was a wonderful day for several current and recently graduated SYH Cougars because of the wonderful grant writing efforts of The New Children’s Museum and their work with Casa Familiar and UCSD’s Luis Alvarez Director of the Institute of Arts and Humanities and the Chicano/a~Latino/a Arts and Humanities Program. 35 students were able to attend a fun and informative tour of UCSD, listened to passionate and impactful stories from UCSD students (one from SYH who was finishing her Master’s Degree). They learned about the wonderful SPACES program (Student Promoted Access Center for Education & Service) and the OASIS tutoring services.

But the end of the night was amazing as students watched a screening of the movie “Singing Our Way To Freedom- The story of Ramon Chunky Sanchez” In attendance were not only his family but many students, staff, and faculty associated with the Institute of Arts and Humanities (IAH), the Chicano/a~Latino/a Arts and Humanities Program (CLAH), Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service (SPACES), Office of Academic Support & Instructional Services (OASIS), and the Raza Resource Centro (RRC), among other campus units.

Following the screening the Q & A brought tears to many in the audience and the stories and questions asked of the fantastic panel by our students should make you’ll proud.

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Thelma Sepulveda-3 time Girls Tennis Champion!

Thelma Sepulveda (11th grade) became a 3 time Metro Conference Tennis Champion this past weekend. Thelma has now qualified for the C.I.F Tournament next week where she will compete for the San Diego Section title. Thank you all for your support of San Ysidro Athletics.

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Cougar Men's Water Polo

During the fall break the men’s water polo team went 5-1 in their own tournament Cougar Invitational held at Las Palmas Pool.

Currently the water polo team is in 4th place in conference (Division 2) and have swept Hilltop High School in all conference games.

Way to Go “Sydro”!

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Cougar Staff of the Month

Congratulations to Ms. Navarro, Ms. Camacho, and Mr. Vera for receiving the Pawsitive Award for the month of October!

Students and staff congratulate you for all your hard work!!

ED Tech PAWtrol

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Counselors Corner

San Ysidro High School Counseling Center

SYH Counseling Center Facebook Page

Halloween Spooktacular Cougars!

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