Literacy For All!

What's going on at McDougle?

Badges for Literacy!

The ClassBadges system is up and running at McDougle! Currently, the Beta team has an incredibly strong lead, but that doesn’t mean your team can’t catch up! Many of you use annotating and vocabulary strategies on a regular basis in your classrooms; send us some sample student work and we’ll send you a badge!

Annotating Everywhere!!!

Speaking of annotating, it's been going on all over school! Mary Pat and Liddy have scored their annotation badges this week. Check out Mary Pat's awesome annotating strategy below, followed by some great student work!
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Google Apps Alert!

Google JUST announced the launch of mobile apps for Google Classroom (and some updates for the desktop version as well). Among the sweet new features are the ability to attach photos to work, which means students can be using some nonverbal representations to help demonstrate their knowledge! Woo! Read more about the updates here and see a screenshot below:
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Try it:

Consider using to help students learn to grasp tough concepts. Students can add links to text, video, images, sounds and more to an image. How awesome would this be for helping students develop their vocabulary and understanding of a specific concept?! Check out the example below:
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Try It: Kahoot!

Looking for a fun way to review vocabulary? Kahoot! is an awesome online game where your students can use laptops or smartphones to compete with each other to answer questions you generate. It’s a ton of fun and a great way to keep kids engaged through review. If you want to set it up in your classroom, give me a shout and I’d be more than happy to support you! Check out the example below:
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...and one last thing...

Don't forget, I'm here to support literacy instruction for every single one of our kiddos in whatever way I can. You may not be an ELA teacher, but that doesn't mean we can't work together! If you have any reading/writing ideas or concerns and want to bounce ideas, plan, or co-teach, just let me know. My email is, my Twitter handle is @e_wiggy and my office is 619. Contact me at any time!