EL Happenings

Volume 2 Issue 4

6th grade EL 2

Students in Miss Marchetto's EL class use the Systems 44 curriculum to build their literacy skills. Students are getting ready to read an article, "Parasites and You". Before reading, students had choice in how to understand their vocabulary words, they could create word art, use their native language, draw pictures, or many other options from the "Vocabulary Menu". This routine is an expectation in her classroom and the students can capitalize on their vocabulary strengths. This lesson really highlights the SIOP component, Building Background- Key Vocabulary Emphasized. The students are previewing the vocabulary before even reading the article.

Kindergarten- EL 1

Students in Mrs. Terrell's EL 1 group are working on the letter G. Right away students did many things to practice using the letter; including making the shape of the letter on the table and in the air, repeating after the teacher and one another, and using manipulative toys that start with the letter G. They practiced enunciating the sound before they picked up the toy and talked about it what it was. They also practiced writing the letter G alongside letters they have previously learned. All of this practice really is best practice for SIOP component, Practice and Application, particularly Feature 20: Hands-On Materials and/or Manipulatives Provided for Students to Practice New Content Knowledge in the Classroom. Actually practicing the letter and sounds is much more beneficial then simply listening about it.

High School Biology

Students in Mr. Simmonds class are learning about meiosis. Their objective was "explain how meiosis makes it possible for siblings to look so different". Students participated in a meiosis lab. They used different colored pipe cleaners and worked in a group while Mr. Simmonds modeled the different parts of the stages of meiosis. They watched a video and responded to questions during their learning. Finally, students had to reflect and rate the success of their mastery at the end of the lesson. The chunking of the lesson, grouping of students, and lesson materials all highlight the SIOP component Strategies, and specifically Feature: 14 Scaffolding Techniques. Mr. Simmonds used verbal, procedural, and instructional scaffolds to get his students to reflect on their mastery.

The Danger of a Single Story- a narrative on culture, identity, and the joys and challenges of diversity.


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IDOE- EL Guidebook December Highlights

Make sure to check out IDOE's new and improved EL Guidebook for 2017-2018 which is linked here to our webpage.

2017-2018 English Learner Guidebook

Key points from Chapter 1, “An Introduction to English Learners”:

The U.S. DOE’s Office of Civil Rights provides the following guidelines to ensure that programs are serving ELs effectively. LEAs should:

  • identify students as potential ELs;
  • assess students’ need for EL services;
  • develop a program which, in the view of experts in the field, has a reasonable chance of success;
  • ensure that necessary staff, curricular materials, and facilities are in place and used properly;
  • develop appropriate evaluation standards, including program exit criteria, for measuring the progress of students; and
  • assess the success of the program and modify it where needed.

WIDA Testing

Believe it or not, WIDA ACCESS testing is just around the corner! Look for important tips in the Staff tab of our website under Standardized Testing to ensure you are prepared for seamless testing. There are tips and resources for getting prepared and preparing your students. Click HERE for quick access to this tab.

Georgina Schneider- District SIOP Coach

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