Kai Grijalva

February 2016 Student Portfolio

English 6

The students read a challenging historical novel, set in Beijing during the time of Kublai Khan, and wrote synopses of each chapter. They have begun a longer-term project of composing and performing an original puppet show based in traditional folklore. Kai's subtle interpretations and renderings of our subject material continues to amaze me. He seems completely at home and confident in class, relaxed in the knowledge that our lessons are open-ended and our goals flexible. As I get to know each student's sources of inspiration, I find Kai's to spring from humor and keen observation.
Kai english

Math 6

In this class we are learning about divison and volume. Kai is slow in completing his work but he does it correctly.

Social Studies

This unit's focus was ancient China: its history, culture, philosophies, and arts. Two arts the students tried their hands at were traditional puppet-making and calligraphy. The class is proud to have a foundation in the geography of China and all of its neighbors. Kai is a self-possessed fellow. I wish I had a part of his confidence. When puppeteer Ronni was here, shortly into her demonstration Kai assertively raised his hand, put his knuckle to his chin and with sincere curiosity and poise asked her one, then another pointed question, as though he were a colleague of hers! I am thrilled to have him in class.
Kai soc stud

Science 6

In this class we are learning about the human cells, organelles, and the human body. Kai understands what is taught in the class.

Genius Hour

We have been spending our time preparing for the Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament on February 27, 2016 in Riviera Beach. Kai has been practicing his problem solving skills in preparation for the tournament.
Genius hour 1


In Science Arts Integration we are addressing their Science lesson plans covering the makeup of the human cell. Each student chose a specific organelle that is contained within the cell as their topic. Their job was to create a cartoon character of that organelle, using the formal elements of art-line, shape, and color to represent it's appearance and function. I am continually blown away by Kia's facility with a pencil. His ability to draw is very advanced for his age. But it's much more than that. He has the ability to engage in process and let that creative thought process take place on the page, as he then recognizes where he wants to go, selects his shapes and moves on to the next. That is an advanced concept to art making that is difficult to teach and my college students often struggle with it. It requires courage, a blind faith in one's talent, and lack of ego to truly engage in process. He is truly a pleasure to have in class and an asset, in that his classmates see what is possible and he raises the bar for everyone.

Kai's Update

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