Did you know how televisions were in the past ?

The first televisions.

The first television was made October 2, 1925 and the inventors was Philo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins. The word television means 'far' in Greek and 'sight' in Latin. In old

days the televisions colour was black and white, now in this days the colour of television are different but its not black and white.U can watch YouTube on televisions but u have to download it u can also download other things.U can watch things like Adventure Time,Young Justice,Denish and Nesher and more things.Televisions are rare because people waste there time on just to make one thing and they get 20000 dollars a year or a 20000 a month who knows.You can watch thing that you can learn.People start using televisions at 1920s.we have 3d televisions Samsung televisions Belkin televisions Sony television sand others.You can find televisions at every were like Good Guys Big W Bing Lee.Before televisions they had cave paintings.

How we use televisions

We use televisions at home for entertainment,information,to learn about the world.In our house we use televisions to my dad watch scary movies my brother watches Big Bang Theory my mum watches Bachelor and i watch zombie movies


you can put televisions in your room.

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The History of Television
The Story of Television - 1956 RCA Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42

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