Continuous Improvement Conference

23rd Annual ~ 2015-16

Adding Tools to Your Toolbelt

Continuous Improvement Conference is just around the corner, and is a wonderful opportunity to sharpen our teaching tools! Don't forget to bring your device to the conference (laptop or iPad) so you can take notes and follow along with the presenters. This year Camacho Cosmos will only attend the conference on Monday. We will be back on campus on Tuesday learning from our Discovery Education coaches. I hope you enjoy your day of learning and I'll see you at the conference! Visit the conference website for more information...

Featured Consultants & Conference Schedule

Featured Consultants at the conference are listed here with information regarding their sessions.

To view and search the conference schedule click here.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Listed below are some highlighted sessions for Monday...


  • C.C.E= S.T.E.M.+P.B.L.= FUN! (Camacho 4th grade team!)
  • Notice and Note for Non-Fiction
  • Engaging Student Response Tools That Drive Instruction
  • Improving the Elementary Assessment Process
  • Enhancing Student Comprehension
  • Got Questions? Lead the Way Through Quality Questioning
  • Moving Beyond the "I Wonders"
  • Setting Up Systems for Quality Classroom Instruction
  • Bridges Differentiation and Challenge
  • Differentiation in the Kinder Math Class
  • Guided Reading Gurus
  • Bring on the Books!
  • Cooperative Learning and Student Discourse *repeat


  • The Role of Discourse: Affecting Students Learning Behaviors *repeated- MOLINA
  • MakerSpace- Hands on Learning
  • Primary Patterns Of Power: Explorations of Invitational Grammar and Editing Grades 1-3 - ANDERSON


  • The Power of Expectations: How Our Beliefs Affect Student Achievement
  • Improve your PLCs Using Continuous Improvement Tools
  • Mindset Matters
  • Get Your Game On: Making Your Class Engaging Through Game-Based Learning
  • Go Noodle 101 - Brain Energizers
  • Little Fingers, Growing Minds, Big Learning: Part 1
  • Innovative Learning with Studies Weekly *repeat
  • Bridges in Mathematics: How to Use the Intervention Volumes
  • Add-Ons for Google Forms and Sheets
  • Conferring with Readers: Finding Focus
  • Watch How We Grow in Writing
  • Genius Hour with Keynote Angela Maiers




  • Elementary Keynote: Mattering IS the Agenda: Angela Maiers


  • Google Classroom in ELA
  • Student Goal Setting- They Can Do It!
  • YouTube Can Do That?!
  • How To Survive With Daily 5
  • Every Book Can Be A Social Studies Book K-5
  • Teaching The Graphic Novel
  • Mathematical Mindset: You are a Math Person!
  • Win That Grant Money!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On Tuesday, we will be on campus at Camacho Elementary with a full day of STEM learning. Our Discovery Education Coaches, Jackie & Toi, will be here facilitating STEM in the Classroom. Bring your device (laptop or iPad), collaborative spirit, creative ideas, critical thinking, and communication!