The Asian Carp Invasion

by Ramiro morales

The Asian Carp

The Asian carp is a name for a series of carp that include the silver, bighead, grass, and black carp sharing one thing, that they all have the same origin, Southeast Asia. The carps can grow to be 4 feet long and can weight up to 100 pounds

How did the carps get here?

The fishes were first imported to the US in the 70's to filter pond water in fish farms in Arkansas. The fish later escaped from the farm when a series of floods occurred in the early 80's.

Damages the Carps are Doing

Carps are plankton eaters, what's the problem with that well carps can eat 20% of their bodyweight per day. That's a problem because that would cause the food supply to lower causing the other fish that also eat plankton to have competition for food. If the carps would to reach the great lakes it could cause the number of other fishes to decrease affecting the multimillion dollar fishing industry.

What Can Be Done To Stop The Carps

Electric fences are being put up in ricers and cannels that led to the great lakes in order to stop the carps from establishing in the great lakes. Another way that people are helping out with the issue is that many fisher men are fishing them down using nets in order to capture many at a time.

Challenges in stoping the carps

One of the main challenges that we face in fighting the carps is their rate reproducing is extremely high, having that a carp can lay approximately half a million eggs each time they spawn. Another challenge we are facing when trying to compact the carps is the cost of doing this things like putting up electric fences. Another big challenge we face is that the
Asian carp invasion worries officials

Viedo on the asin carp

The video gives a description on how they got here, how they spread, and the damages the carps are doing and can possibly cause in the future if it was to reach the great lakes. Possible ways to help out with the problem are included.