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2016 New Year's Intentions

I recently learned of a new way to think about setting goals for the New Year. The idea is to set New Year's Intentions vs. Resolutions. As you may know, a resolution is more black and white - a fix this and I'm done - or a pass if I accomplish it then a fail if I don't reach it (or start it at all). On the other hand, an intention allows the opportunity for exploration of a direction that ends in a goal. It's the opportunity to explore and open that window that can lead to possibilities that you may not yet be aware of (or open to). Something to think about...

Do you have a 2016 Intention?

New Year = New Possibilities

  • Looking for an advocate in the new year for accomplishing your New Year's Intentions?
  • Got a new role and want to be proactive about your first 100 days?
  • Interested in really changing jobs this time and have tried everything but still feel a little stuck?
  • Really want to focus on honing your management skills to get that promotion?

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