Life Group Leaders Weekly

Week Eight (March 10 - March 16)




Hello Life Group Leaders!

It's week 8 which means there are only a few weeks left before the spring semester of Life Groups draw to a close. Over the next couple of weeks you have a couple of housekeeping items you'll need to attend to. I will highlight them below. Please take the time to read through them as these details are essential to us as Coordinators in keeping the Life Group program a key component of First CRC ministry.

Let's jump right into it!


2) FEEDBACK FORMS: In your church mailbox is an envelope with a cover letter, feedback forms, and a roster sheet. In week 9 (March 17-23) you will walk your group through filling out these forms. Please, please, please take the time as a group to fill out these forms. We ask because we have found that groups who offer their members the option to complete them at home, are not as likely to return all the forms. We've even had members miss out on the opportunity to remain in their preferred group.

So please take note: Disperse AND collect them that same night, put them in an envelope and hand them in at the office (or you can place them in Nancy's mailbox) no later than Sunday, March 24th.

3) LEADING A SUMMER AFFINITY GROUP: Would any of you be interested in leading an affinity group? If so, please let us know asap. To assist you in that process, please take a look at the resource below.

4) LEADING IN THE FALL: Begin praying with each other about what the Lord is leading you to do for NEXT semester. We know 5 months is far away and plans always change, but we would love to know where you are at by the end of the semester. Consider who in your group might make an excellent Facilitator/Host for future groups.

In Christ,

Heather Thomas


Also be sure to fill out our "Recommend a Facilitator/Host" form for future semesters. As we hope to have the Life Group ministry grow, we need more people to step up into positions of leadership. Your feedback forms are essential!

It will only takes a minute to fill out...



Remember to share your photos on Social Media with #CRCLifeGroups to be entered for a $250 gift card drawing! Even a single entry could win the gift card for your Life Group.

You may also upload any additional Serve & Social Photos directly to the link below:

LEADER TOOLS - Our Leader Tools Page is updated weekly on our church website.

  • Leader's Weekly
  • Leaders Audio
  • Sermon Guide
  • And more!

Check out our Leader Tools Page here:


Have an idea for a future Serve Project?

  1. 2-3 Hours (start to finish)
  2. Weekdays or Saturdays (most of our groups meet throughout the week in the evenings)
  3. "Plug & Play" (no specialized tools, equipment or planning required)
  4. Hands on Service (no care packages or deliveries)
  5. No funds required from LG participants (occasional options may be presented, but not required for all Serve Projects)
  6. Members serve together (same time & same location, and when possible it's nice to bring the kids along)

*Jennifer will also connect with you directly with more details & information as we plan for the fall.


  • Relationships! - Consider spending at least 15 minutes in the beginning of your meeting to get to know one another.
  • Prayer - Whether you decide to pray in the earlier part of the meeting or at the end, make sure to keep prayer time a priority. Thank God for how he has brought your group together.
  • Homework - Dive deeper into your discussions by taking advantage of the Leader Tools (Written & Audio Guides).
  • Facilitating/Hosting/Referrals - Pray & Discuss with your team about Facilitating/Hosting in the Fall and who you might refer to join our leadership team.

THIS WEEK - Week Eight

Sermon Text:

Romans 15:14-33


"Kingdom Partnership"

#CRCLifeGroups - Challenge

The #CRCLifeGroups Challenge is fun way for people to engage with groups while we serve and socialize together. If your group chooses to accept the challenge, you may be eligible to win an opportunity to enjoy some group social time, on us!

It's simple - Post your pictures and videos on Facebook with hashtag #CRCLifeGroups. Oh! And don't forget to share with everyone why you love your Life Group in the post.

Drawing will be held after week 9 of this semester.


  • 1 entry per person, per event, regardless of number of posts made by a single individual
  • Entries must include #CRCLifeGroups in order to be eligible
  • Photos uploaded directly to the Dropbox link are ineligible for points

Now that you've read all of the rules here are the Gift Card Options:

$250 Fansler Gift Card (Pismo's Coastal Grill, Westwoods BBQ or Yosemite Ranch)

$250 Fandango Gift Card (Movies 8, Metro 4 or Lemoore Stadium Cinemas)

The Life Group Coordinator Team