Allison Creek Presbyterian Church

June 23, 2022

Dear Friends:

After feeling cooped up for a couple of years it is good to be able to get out and enjoy God’s creation. Many of us are able to enjoy some much needed vacation. Some of us are traveling to see family, some to vacation spots like the mountains, beach, or big trips to other parts of the country and maybe even out of the country. My prayer is that this summer is a time of relaxation and nourishment for your soul. We all need this. For we read in the book of Genesis that God worked for 6 days but then took time for Sabbath. May this summer be a time of Sabbath for you and your loved ones.

As you take time for yourself, I also ask that you keep Allison Creek Presbyterian Church in your prayers. The past two years has been a time of rapid change and adaptation. We have done a remarkable job as a community of faith to learn new ways of being church. As we continue to move forward, I ask that you be prayerful of ways that you can be a part of expanding our impact in your own life and in the lives of others. Are there groups or events that you can help to create or lead or be a part of that currently do not exist? Are their hobbies that are interesting to you that can be turned into a ministry? Are there people who seem to be on the outside that you are feeling a sense that you are called to connect to? Be prayerful to what God is revealing to you during this time of Sabbath.

One of the ways that we have adapted is that we now offer worship services online every week. I hope that you will take advantage and worship with the congregation when you are away. This is an important way to stay connected and be a part of worshipping God. I also remind you to continue to make your financial contributions to the church during the summer months. We need each of you to be a part of supporting this ministry with your time, talent, and your financial contributions.

I will be away on vacation from July 11-24. Kathryn and I will be traveling to the Pacific Northwest for those two weeks. We are looking forward to this time to see the beauty of that piece of God’s creation.

Peace, Sam

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New Roof for Liberian School has begun!!

The new roof for the expanded school at Christ Missionary Assembly in Liberia has begun to be built. This roof is fully funded by contributions from Allison Creek Presbyterian!
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Next Meeting - September 11th

The Men’s Group will not meet the month of July and August. They will resume their breakfast meeting on Sunday, September 11th.

Greater Clover Chamber of Commerce Event

Please see the flyer below Great Clover Chamber of Commerce Event open to all seniors.

Montreat Retreat

Montreat Church Retreat will be Oct. 7-9. Be sure to put this on your calendar now and reserve this weekend to enjoy the NC mountains with your church family at a warm and inviting retreat center.

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