Principal Praises

Feb 8, 2016

Thank you!

Thank you all for a wonderful week and your extra efforts with the school appraisal. I believe it will give us valuable data that will help us be successful in our school turn around.

Thank you Jen Penland for thinking “Win-Win” and training some 6th grade students to be math mentors. This plan to help them develop self-esteem as they help their peers is terrific. She did a formal training with students with a ppt, ppt notes, and folders and treated them with great respect and importance! They will now be able to help fellow students enjoy success in math!

Staff of the Week!

Kim Byram

When I hear the word "service," I think of Kim Byram. Kim is an attendance mentor at Bonneville. Just what does that mean? It means she identifies and works with specific children who struggle with coming to school and need that extra attention. She currently has over 40 students on her caseload that she mentors using a check-in/check-out point-based system. Students earn points for being on time, checking in, and checking out each day. She checks on their well-being in the classroom, communicates regularly with parents, and rewards students with prizes they can earn with their points. Kim is a positive contact each morning with these students and has had great success with many of them, reducing absences from last year with many of them by as much as 80%. Kim helps in many other ways at Bonneville. She monitors whole-school attendance with the class attendance race and helps with home visits. She assists in the office in many ways, and even takes a turn in the lunch room! Recently I heard about a service project Kim and some of her Americorp colleagues did for families in need in Ogden. She spent hours upon hours collecting clothing items, washing, ironing, and labeling them to prepare them for the Community Closet. Her group was able to help many deserving families. However, Americorp is not her first service gig. Kim is a veteran of the United States Navy! Thank you, Kimberlee Byram for all you do for our Bonneville Bobcats!


  • Teach Habit 5, Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
  • We would like all students to learn the school pledge
  • Encourage student usage of reading/math practice programs
  • Everyone outside in orange vests after school


Lunch room – please remind students that they are to stay seated and raise their hand if they need something and to use good manners.

Swearing - There has been an increase in the amount of swearing occurring both in the classrooms and on the playground. Remind students that at Bonneville, we reach for moral excellence. This includes using kind words and clean language.

Fruits & Veggies - Please make sure your students are eating their snacks in the classroom. The past few weeks we have had several problems with the fresh fruits and veggies ending up as trash out on the school grounds or in the hallways. Debra spent several minutes the other day cleaning berries out of the carpet. Cleaning up rotting food outside is also quite unpleasant. Try building a "snack time" into your schedules for those days when we receive the food. Thanks for your efforts!

Dates to Remember


2/8-WIDA testing 8:50 3, 5, 6

2/8-Lunch With the Principal (ROAR Winners) K-3 11:00, 4-6 11:30

2/8-Reading Clinic

2/9-STT 3:00

2/10-WIDA testing 8:50 2, 4

2/10-DLI Spanish Mtg with Diana 3:00

2/10-Reading Clinic

2/11-Brighton Astro Camp

2/11-Science Club K-3

2/11-5th Grade to WSU 4:00

2/12-Spirit Day

2/12-Boxtops Due

2/12-WIDA testing 8:50 3rd

2/12-Beltran Astro Camp


2/16-Faculty Mtg

2/18-Family Science Night

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