Progressive President Project

By:Brett Foerstel

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt may be known for being the 26th president but he also stopped some of the richest men in the world.Before they could take the world over with how much money they had.
Theodore Roosevelt - Shall We Prepare?

Report Card on Theodore Roosevelt Grade A

Theodore made it possible for us to help with insure social justice economic opportunity through out the government regulations.This is because of the immigrants that came to america.He was also scared we would go scarce on some of are natural resources.So with all of his power he tried to conserve the environment of those resources.He helped with a lot of the panama canal.His organization of are country was real good in my opinion

Theodore Roosevelt was award the Nobel peace prize while he was president.Which made a lot of people have respect for him and believe in him.The people will probably know and remember him for what he has done that is why he is such a great president to us in america

Roosevelt built us this canal called the panama canal which helped us see what was being passed through and the canal had terrific mobility.This is why he was a great person and a great president in the United states.

William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft was the 27th president and later ended up serving as 10th chief of justice.He was an important man because he helped carry over Theodore Roosevelt s trust busting.
#27 William Howard Taft

Report Card on William Howard Taft Grade D

William Howard Taft was a different type of president a lot of people saw him as like a do or die type of president with some of the decisions he made a lot of the decisions he made people did not think would work.

Although William was one of the only men to gain Judaical and executive postilion also was the u.s. chief and president was nothing like Theodore

He did one thing like every president should do he acted like he was i pro and knew what he was doing he didn't want people to think that he was a rookie at what he was doing .

These are some reasons William in my opinion wasn't the best president that we have had like a lot of people thought he is a do or die.This is why i gave William such a bad grade because he just didn't put in the time and hard work that Theodore and Woodrow did and not a lot of people believed him

Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president and served as president for 8 full years.Woodrow Wilson also received the Nobel Peace Prize
Did Woodrow Wilson REGRET Handing AMERICA to the BANKSTERS?

Report card on Woodrow Wilson Grade A

I think his leadership was one of his strong points because he helped us in are first world war and he didn't know what exactly to do because our was are first world war.Which means he had to step up and demand what he wanted everyone to do.

He would also have to get a pretty good grade in organization because he was changing are domestic affairs and helped with the amount of foreign goods that we were getting.He was also big on getting people to vote he wanted a lot of people to vote just not certain people he allowed the Philippians to be able to vote.

I also think he deserves a good grade in professionalism because he never wanted to give up if they was something he couldn't solve he would never give up till he was able to solve it.He was also able to do all things while the first world war was going on which is another reason he was like a professional

I gave him these good grades because he not only was a good president he also was one of the hardest working and he helped us with our first world war we had been in.That is why i'm going to give William a A as a grade.