Breakfast is on us!

Professional Development with a Dillo Twist

Twas the day before the break

so excited are we

a gift from the District

a day of P.D.

To do as we are told

we will gather to meet

but we will do it at Molca's

so we can all eat.

After we're fed

and all done with the eating

we'll do what we must

and get on with the meeting.

A featured addition

so our spirits are lifted

everyone gets a present

however it must be RE-GIFTED!

As the time dwindles down

and we bid you ado

the teams have to decide

where to go; what to do?

Off campus team building

go far or stay near

have a nice break,

and see you next year!


Apart from eating and meeting we are also going to have a White Elephant gift exchange. There is no dollar amount regarding what to spend as the gifts are be RE-GIFTED items only. If you have received a gift that made you think: "Thanks, but you shouldn't have,"...that means it is perfect. All gifts are welcomed; the more unnecessary the better.

Please bring a beautifully wrapped gift. This should be a no-cost to you, RE-GIFTED treasure which you no longer have use for and/or, in some cases, never even wanted to begin with. We don't want to know who gave what so there is no need to put your name on the gift. All of the prizes will be placed together waiting while participants draw numbers to determine the order of selection. "Number one" will choose a gift to open for all to see. "Number two" can either steal that item, forcing "number one" to open another, or they may open a gift of their own. The cycle continues until all gifts are opened. For the sake of time we will cap the stealing to one time. When an item is stolen once it is then frozen and becomes the property of that person.

We can't wait to see what treasures find a new home! We'll see you there.

Hill P.D. at Molca's

Friday, Dec. 19th, 8-10am

8127 Mesa Dr

Austin, TX

8:00 - 8:30 = Breakfast

8:30 - 9:00 = White Elephant (RE)Gift Exchange

9:00 - 10:00 = Dillo Business

10:00 - 4:00 = Teams to decide how to use the rest of the day