Little about me

My name is Katarina and I am 16 years old. I am from Croatia. I go to high school in Zagreb. But I do not live in Zagreb, I live in small town Dugo Selo.

My favourite activities

I really love sports and music. Before I played the violin. Now I'm going to taekwondo. I am really good at it.
I won a lot of medals and went on a competitions in Croatia and in the whole world.
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Food in Croatia

Croatia has its own specialties. Štrukle are one of the most famous Croatian deserts. Another famous dish are hot sausage made of pork - sausage. Different foods are labeled in Croatia and certain holidays. During the Christmas hangs charm and preparing roast pork and cook for Easter eggs, ham and eaten with bread.
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Teenagers in Croatia

Most of teenagers go out to the nightclubs with certain type music that they listen to. Croatia has a lot of nightclubs.
When you come to Croatia you must visit at least one of them.

Natural beauty

Croatia is one of the most beautiful country in Europe.
One of the attractions include national parks. And those are: the Plitvice Lakes ,Brijuni , Paklenica ,Telešćica..