Smash Video Hangouts Workshop

Saturday, Sept 24th 10am-11am OR 11:30am-12:30am

Google Hangouts Video Call Workshop

Join the new revolution in remote based education and training! The most useful way to get your information for the November 2016 Launch Convention right from your own home! You must have a gmail account if you already don't, in order to participate in our online Video Workshops. These workshops will be specific to the group that is signing up for their specific time on Saturday. If you are unable to attend on Sat, I may be able to administer another time that works during the week or Sunday evening??? Let me know by signing up on the third sheet that is going to be shared with everyone through Google.

Through Google, we can share a signup document. When you open the doc, you will be able to add your name as well as see the other people who will be signing up as well. Once we reach the allowed number of 10 people per Hangout time, myself included, you can choose to sign up in the next hour. First come first serve when signing up. At the bottom of the document, you will see three tabs. Click the tab with the time that is best for you on Saturday. The third tab is just to see who is interested in possibly Sunday night or a weeknight.

NOW.....what will be needed is also pinpointed on the signup sheet for Sat. However, I need to see that you have started your industry resume which we will be going over all the information for that on Sat together. It doesn't have to be typed or anything, just hand written will work for now if that's all you have. We will be discussing what marketing materials you will need at Launch as well. Come prepared with your questions ready. I will be sharing the Live Tv Film Scripts for my actors who want to try them. As always, I feel everyone should at least try them.

Smash Talent Online Workshop

Saturday, Sep. 24th, 10am-12:30pm

This is an online event.

Sign up for one of the two times on Saturday! See you then!!!

How to Receive a Google Hangouts Call