MWES Weekly News

May 2- May 6

A Message from Ms. Colon

Dear Mary Williams' Families:

It's May! I cannot believe this school year is almost coming to an end. However, that is not stopping our teachers from planning rigorous lessons for all of our students. We are ready to "knock down" the SOL's.

This week we celebrate our amazing teachers. I am so fortunate to lead a group of educators who are passionate about students. I get to see them everyday, committed to student learning, doing whatever it takes to take them to the next level. Please join me in showing them how much we all value their hard work and dedication.

Proud to be your leader,

Ms. Colon

Upcoming Events

Great things coming your way

May 1- PALS Assessment starts for students in grades K-3

May 4- 5th grade Field Trip to Hemlot Park

May 4- 4th grade Field Trip to Jamestown

May 5- 1st grade Field Trip

May 6- Mom's and Muffins

May 9- SOL's start

May 10- Painting Event @ 5-6:30 p.m.

May 25- Countdown to Kindergarten (for incoming students) 6-7 p.m.

Get Involved! Become Part of Our PTO

We are planning for next year. If you are interested in becoming part of out PTO we want to talk to you about it. Contact the school for more details.

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Attendance Matters

State Assessments are around the corner, and with that comes intensive preparation for our students. Our teachers are working hard to plan and provide students with learning experiences that cannot be achieved if they are absent. We ask that you ensure your student is in school everyday and limit trips to Spring Break if possible. Below are important dates:

May- PALS testing for grades K-3

May 9-June 15- SOL's take place

*Dates are subject to change*

SOL Schedule

May 12- 4th grade reading

May 16- 3rd grade reading

May 17- 3rd grade reading

May 18-5th grade math

May 19- 4th grade social studies

May 23- 5th grade science

May 24- 3rd grade math

May 25- 3rd grade math

May 26-4th grade math

May 27-4th grade math

May 31-5th grade math

June 1- 5th grade math

Students scoring 375-399 will be eligible for re-takes

June- Expedite Re-takes begin

*Students with accommodations may be scheduled to test at another time. Please contact your child's teacher for details*

*Please refrain from scheduling appointments on these days. Remember that every minute counts*

Be a Role Model for Healthy Eating

There is undeniable truth in the anonymous quote: “Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate!” While it is important to be a role model in all aspects of your child’s life, instilling healthy habits at an early age is one of the most, if not the most, important. So how can you influence your child to follow and enjoy a healthy diet from birth through adulthood? Be a role model!

Offer a variety of foods so your child gets all the nutrients their body needs from each of the food groups. Show them by example that you like eating vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Choose raw vegetables as a snack. The more they see you eating them, the more likely they are to pick a veggie for their own snack.

Shopping for groceries together is a great opportunity to teach kids about good nutrition, and you will get more buy-in at meal times if they help you choose the foods that are being served.

Family mealtime is important. Talk about happy things, turn off the television, limit the stress of mealtime wherever possible, and serve everyone in the family the same foods. Try new foods yourself, offering them at the beginning of the meal when your child is the hungriest. Kids are more likely to be adventurous if you are, so show them that it is fun to try new things!

Use the recipe and nutrition education resources on our website,, to get creative in your kitchen. You can also visit for additional information and tips on how to be a healthy role model for your child.