Some of The Greatest Yet Most Tragic Stories of Persistence

Out of The Blue

Just like that, no warning at all, Bethany Hamilton's life was changed forever. It's scary how one thing can effect your life in so many ways just within a matter of time.

Bethany was riding her surfboard with no hints of danger when the waves started to pick up. All it took was a split second when she felt lots of pressure and a few fast tugs. She soon saw the water around her turn red and noticed her left arm was missing along with a large chunk of her surfboard.

This effected Bethany in more ways than one. It impacted all of her friends and family, made almost everything harder, she could be treated differently, and initially thought her dreams were taken away, but most of all, she was afraid that nothing would ever be the same.

To get some things right again, she worked non- stop as hard as she could. Bethany is now in a good place because she used persistence to get through the hard time. This tragedy brought many bad things to her and the people around her but that didn't stop her from achieving her goals.

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Won't Stop Writing

Theodor Suess Geisel (Dr. Suess) and Stephen King are alike and different in many ways. Both writers didn't have it easy. The key to their success was persistence.

Theodor Suess Geisel, also known as Dr. Suess, tried many things before his first book was published. It took many people before anyone realized how talented he was. Many people thought he wouldn't succeed. He was rejected by 27-29 different publishers before someone was willing to publish his first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. On the other hand, Stephen King, also an American author, struggled quite a bit as well. Similar to Dr. Suess, he was rejected. He was denied by 30 publishers before his first book, Carrie, was released.

These two authors differ from each other because Stephen King wrote mostly horror and Dr. Suess wrote children's books. Also in contrast, Dr. Suess wrote 46 books and Stephen King published 54 novels. Lastly, another difference is that Dr. Suess passed away and Stephen King is alive, and still pursuing his career.

Theodor Suess Geisel and Stephen King have many differences and similarities. Both of them were originally rejected over and over again but that never stopped them. This is called persistence.

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How to Be Persistent

It's hard to see people that have the potential to be or do something great, just give up after a show of struggle. All things happen for a reason, so when a struggle is given to someone, it's given to them to overcome and become stronger.

Following these simple steps, will help anyone become persistent within a matter of time:

Step 1: Identify your desires- know what you want

Step 2: Stay positive- think and act positively

Step 3: Work hard- success comes easier to hard workers

Step 4: Believe in yourself

Being persistent doesn't take much other than believing in yourself. Everyone is capable of being persistent with some use of hard work.

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Tragedy Makes Dream Come True

To overcome a problem and to find a solution, shows a strong character. Every problem comes with a solution. Whether someone finds it or not, its always there. There are many famous stories of problems and solutions but one stood out in particular because of it's great deal of dedication and persistence.

Mai Li and Zhai Xiawoei are two inspiring amputees. Mai lost her right arm in a car accident when she was 19 and Zhai lost his left leg when he was 4 years old due to falling off a tractor. Having to face more difficulties than they could have imagined didn't stop them.

Both of them were not going to let this determine the rest of their lives nor take away their dreams, so they searched for solutions until they found one.

The main solution was to keep reaching for their dreams. Zhai was a Special Olympic Cyclist and Mai was an aspiring dancer. When they met, they immediately knew they could help each other in more ways than one. Zhai decided to give dance a try so he and Mai did intensive training for over a year. When they went public, they became the first handicapped dancing couple.

Mai Li and Zhai Xiawoei show great persistence and determination. These inspiring people turned a tragedy into a dream.

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What is Persistence?

Persistence is firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition, or in other words, determination to make it through something difficult.

Persistence consists of many things. For example, hard work, determination, positivity, and belief in yourself. Having persistence gives you the capability to do anything you desire if your truly want it.

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