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Hickman Library October 30, 2013

Help Wanted

I am beginning to compile ideas and information to help me make a list of new books to purchase for our library. I would love input from teachers, staff and students. If you have any suggestions about books you would like to see in the library, please send me an email or drop me a note.

Check out these new books!

Curriculum Kits- New from Limitless Libraries

I've gotten word that the curriculum kits are ready to go! These are kits that NPL has put together on particular subjects based on Common Core and TN state science & social studies standards. They are an awesome resource and can be ordered with your Limitless Libraries teacher card. Here is some more info about curriculum kits from NPL:

· The easiest way to see all curriculum kits available is to search at for curriculum kit. Do NOT include an “s” at the end of kit or you will not see all of the options!

· There is not currently a list of the kits other than searching the catalog because more kits are being added on a regular basis and any other list would become obsolete pretty quickly.

· The kits at this point are more for elementary/early middle school content. NPL staff are working on upper middle school and high school level kits as we speak!

· Only ONE kit may be checked out at a time per card. You may place several on hold, but you will only get one at a time. J

· Kits may be checked out for six weeks. They are not renewable.

· Just like book clubs in a bag, the kits may be checked out on educator cards only (not librarian cards). The educator checking out the kit is completely responsible for the bin and all of its contents.

· Overdue fines are $2.00 a day. Kits that are returned incomplete will be fined $2.00 a day once the due date is reached until the missing part is returned.

· Replacement cost for an entire kit is $150.00. The replacement cost of individual parts of a kit will depend on the cost of each individual item.

· The kit must be returned with all its contents at the same time.

· All items included in the bin are numbered and an inventory list is attached to the side of the bin.