Room 215

Mrs. White's Team

Important Dates:

2/1: Recorder Order forms DUE

2/9: Valentine's Parties


2/10-2/11: Student Lead Conferences


We are in need of the following items. Please email me if you can provide any of the following.

Healthy Snack for our Valentine's Party on 2/9

Shoe boxes or similar size for Circuit House Project

Regular size Hershey bars for fraction lesson

This Week

MATH: We finished our unit on measurement! The kids did GREAT!

READING: We read a couple of stories in Greek Mythology along with a story about Hewitt Anderson, a little boy with great abilities. We discussed theme and how authors sometimes write to teach us lessons. Ask your student what the theme was of our story about Hewitt.

WRITING: We finished our Inventor Research Project - student will share at conferences.

Next Week:

MATH: We will begin our unit on fractions. Talk with our students about how you use fractions daily... cooking, shopping, etc.

READING: We will read a folktale and continue discussing theme.

WRITING: Students will work on their PowerPoint that they will present during conferences.

SCIENCE: Students will create circuit houses that will be on display at conferences.

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phone: (913) 856-3300