Gabriel's Gazette

September 28, 2018

Thank you!

Thank you for attending the Saturday In-Service on Restorative Justice. I hope you learned a lot from it and will use it not only in your classroom, but in all that you do both inside and outside of the school.


The chapel work is coming along and the altar and pews are being built by Bill Roibal. Obviously, there is going to be a cost associated with the building of the altar and pews.

The cost of building the altar, with a granite top, will cost $1250. I thought it would be nice if the faculty and staff of Santo Nino could come together to pay for the altar. We would put a plaque on the altar with the names of those who donated. If you would like to help split the cost of the altar, please let Dirk know. Once we know how many people will share the costs, I will let you know what the split will be.

Your picture from Lifetouch

If you have not picked up your picture from Lifetouch, Dirk has them. But, can we have 1 of the 5x7 pictures? We want to frame them and put them up. If we can have one of the pictures, please give to Dirk.

Dismissal & Prayer & Mornings

Remember, dismissal is at 3pm. We will release the bus students early so the bus can leave quicker. You should keep your students until the bell rings.

Anytime the prayer comes over the speaker, we should all stop what we are doing and remain reverent.

Lastly, after the morning prayer and Gospel reading, please don't forget the Pledge of Allegiance.