By Hermann Hesse

Four Noble Truths

1. Life means of suffering: Nature has some aspects of suffering, even when you're happy something it always going to make you go through moments of sadness and pain.

2. The Origin of Suffering: It breaks down into three part attachment, anger and ignorance. Attachment being a temptation, anger being the result have harm, and ignorance begin the ultimate truth of emptiness.

3. Suffering can end: Finding peace in the Nirvana which is the state beyond all suffering.

4.The Truth Path: The eightfold path which is controlling our mind in a way to help others rather than harming them

Eight Fold Path

1. Right View: Know the truth

2. Right Intentions: Free your mind of everything

3. Right Speech: Say nothing that hurts others

4. Right Action: Work for the good of others

5. Right Livelihood: Respect life

6. Right Effort: Resist Evil

7. Right Concentration: Practice meditation

8. Right Mindfulness: Control your thoughts

They're important because the world is becoming a scary place and it gives people something to live by.

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