ICEF Weekly Newsletter

May 8, 2016

For the Week of May 9 - May 13

Upcoming Dates

May 14 - Athletics Banquet

May 18 - Getty PD

May 19-20 - Elementary Directors Writers Workshop Training

May 23 - ELA Elementary and Secondary Task Force Workshop

May 24 - Math Task Force Workshop

June 22-24 - Leadership Retreat

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To help make the calendar easier to read, only Marie and Ryan's schedule are displayed...Marie's is in purple, Ryan in green.

Instructional Focus - CAASPP! (STILL A FOCUS!)

More schools testing this week! Keep the focus! Remember, we must get to 98% participation or above!

As testing continues this week with more schools starting, please read the messages from the Operations and IT in the News Section below.


News, Helpful Hints, and Reminders

From the Academic Team -

  • The target date for distributing Teacher Offer Letters is the end of this week. Directors - we need your final scorecards and evaluations in order to update the salary. Please continue to keep John and Ryan informed of your status towards completion.
  • Goalbook is hosting a number of webinars this month supporting students, including topics on Culturally Responsive Teaching. For registration information, please refer to an email sent by Stephen Bisuano on May 4, 2016.
  • Jo Boaler, author of Mathematical Mindsets is hosting a PD this summer on Math and the Growth Mindset. For information and to register, click here:

From the Ops Team -

Please note that the SIC Meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at 2:00PM in the ICEF Home Office, 5140 Building 1st Floor Conference Room. Please bring your laptop fully powered!

From the IT Team -

As testing will be in full swing this coming week, please be sure to have all devices fully charged the night before. Please also know what devices you will be using as there is no time to guess which one will work or not work on the day of testing. The IT Team will follow the regular schedule and make sure you start the testing with no issues but they will not stay in on place waiting for the entire test to complete if there were no issues at the start of testing. As there are only 4 members of the IT Team, we will do our best to assist all schools and respond to your requests depending on the urgency of the issues you report to us. You should have a contingency plan if devices fail or are not charged. Please keep in mind some schools scheduled testing during same days as other schools, so we ask that you consider this as you report any technical issues. A consolidated schedule showing all schools and their testing will be available periodically until we complete SBAC. Your patience is appreciated.

From our PEP Team -

Following up our meetings this week, our First Tee Golf Event has been confirmed for

It is going to be an excellent event and a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop golf skills, interact with students from other schools and meet a current LGPA golfer. Also, included in the day is a presentation of medals and certificates. Lunch is provided too. Freddy will be there with his team of five, including ourselves.

Celebrations and Worth Noticing -

Check out the pictures below on the happenings across ICEF!

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ICEF Inglewood ES learning about nutrition during PE!

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ICEF LDPES at the Dodger Game!

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ICEF Rugby in Brazil!

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ICEF Public Schools - Every Scholar, Every Day

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