Help Those That Went Wrong

Movement will benifit both the criminal & of course victims

Prison Reform Movement

In 1841 Dorthea Dix witnessed the way prisoners were treated and was shocked. She was the criminals locked in cages, that children that committed minor crimes were locked up with adults that has probably committed horrible crimes. She also discovered that people with mental problems were getting treated as a person with non mental problems and thought that was not right.

Why support this?

Criminals and juvenile offenders are getting humiliated in front of the public but it's not right because they are still human and still have some right. Both women and men are together and that raises the number of rapes, violence and unwanted pregnancies. Do unwanted children have to pay our mistake of having them together?

What do we want?

  • prisoners should keep rights.
  • prisons not to overcrowded.
  • have juvenile courts
  • Separate men and women

How will we change this?

  • make separate prisons for women and men
  • establish juvenile prisons
  • separate those that are mentally troubled
  • have the government use money on prisons

What have we done?

  • Established the first juvenile prison in Illinois in 1904
  • Established the first women's only prison in Indianapolis in 1874

And working on MUCH MORE!

Why help us out??

  • The criminals will still pay
  • We will make more space for those who go wrong
  • More attention = more security for everyone

“The punishment of death is the war of a nation against a citizen whose destruction it judges to be necessary or useful.”

Cesare Beccaria Is a person that is an important person. He believes in

  • not having the Death penalty because no crime is wroth another life.
  • believed that there are bad laws, not bad people
  • believes that if the amount of education a person gets increases, the crime rate will decrease

We are working close

By changing the way prisons work, we are also helping out by wanting to make insane asylums and not having those with mental illnesses be in a prison that won't give them attention they need.

Walk for those that walked to the bad side

Saturday, April 7th 2012 at 9:30am

Illinois, United States


We will walk to raise money for the prison movement. We want to help those that made bad choices to have a chance to start over and make things right. There will be indoor prizes, food and much more fun stuff for all the family!


This movement will help thousands of people that have taken the wrong path in life and help America be seen as a country that believes in forgiveness!

Can something go wrong?

There is a small chance that some prisoners will take advantage of the second chance they are given and could just not take things seriously but they are most likely to not hurt again thy will just not want the forgiveness.