31 March - Update on Confirmed Cases

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Update on confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Lauriston School

31 March, 2022

Kia ora Koutou ma whanau o te kura Kotoku ko Lauriston,

There are now 16 confirmed COVID-19 cases in our school - with 4 new cases in children testing positive from Mt Hutt and Mt Harper at home this morning. This brings total cases in the school to:

16 students positive

14 families isolating (23 students isolating)

1 teacher isolating (Mt Winterslow)

Classroom numbers: Mt Winterslow-Opihako (4), Mt Somers-Maungakiekie (2), Mt Alford-Te Maka Kaha (1), Mt Harper-Mahaanui (6) and Mt Hutt-Huirapa (3).

The majority of these cases have not been onsite at school over the past week, and had already been isolating with their families at home. We appreciate families who have kept in regular contact with the school-advising us of cases testing positive while in isolation as our school is required to report directly to the Ministry of Education on our daily case numbers.

To assist families today we are sending children home with 1 RATS testing kit each, to keep at home in case families need to test their children should they begin feeling unwell. We know that many families will already have testing kits at home, however the Ministry of Education has also taken steps to support our students, staff and whanau by making a supply of RATS testing kits available at school. If families require additional kits please contact Trudy in the office via email at admin@lauriston We have a limited number of additional kits available for families who need them.

Colin Brodie