Polarity of Bonds and Molecules

By: Peyton Borel

Determining Bond Polarity

First, you need to understand if a bond is Polar or not. This video is what was posted on Schoology, before our last test, in the video they are using 0.4, but we are using 0.3. This shouldn't be too hard if you understood the last test that we took. It also has some practice questions on the side.


If you still don't understand...

If the video wasn't the best for you, or you want to see the facts about bond polarity, here is a website that explains exactly what it is.


Polarity of Molecules

Next is polarity of Molecules, it is when you look at the molecule and be able to tell if it is polar or non polar. Here is a website that tries to explain it.


Everything together

Here is a link to a video that has them both together, it gives a review of both Polarity in Bonds and Polarity in Molecules


Practice Problems

Practice questions

Here's a link to some practice problems, I tried to copy and paste them into here, but it wouldn't work, so right below the questions are the answers.


Another Practice quiz

This quiz was the one posted on Schoology, so you may have already done it.