Orson Scott Card

By Gavin Dunkin

Early Life

Orson Scott card was born in 1951 in Richland, Washington. Card read unusual books as a kid including The Prince and the Pauper. He also enjoyed american history, English history, and many Mormon books.


Card graduated from Brigham Young High School as a junior. He then went to Brigham Young University as an Archaeology major but switched to Theater. He went to Brazil for two years for the LDS Church so he could graduate. He also earned his masters degree in English later in life.


Scott and Kristine had five children, two of them sadly passed away before 18.

Book Summaries

Ender's Game

In the war between humans and another alien race, buggers, the government calls Ender up to a high tech military school. Ender, being the smallest to ever be called up to the academy, flourishes despite the hatred from other students. He quickly becomes the last hope of the human race to beat the buggers. Does he achieve what the government hopes he can? Read to find out.

Ender's Shadow

The academy's greatest test scores come from this undersized prodigy, Bean. Getting through battle school is nothing compared to living his first years of life surviving on the vicious streets of Rotterdam as an orphan. As the backup to Ender he is getting along very well using his survival instincts to creep around the academy. What does he learn about the academy and what does he use his talents for? Read to find out.

Shadow of the Hegemon

Peter Wiggin has been overshadowed by his younger brother all his life, Ender. But he has lots of political power, but not under his name. Peter helped create many political treaties and he is only a teenager. With the help of Bean he will start his quest to show the world he is only a teen and take over as Hegemon to unite the world. Does he achieve becoming Hegemon of the world? Read to find out.