By: Samantha S., Daisy R., William L.

Shoes Through the Years...

The oldest shoes ever recorded are about 5500 years. The shoes were made out of cowhide and the shoe is laced along seams at the back and front. This shoes were found in the united states. Archaeologist believe this shoe belongs to the year 3500 bc.But some believe that shoes have been around for 40,000 years ago.Since some human skeleton show that the toes began to shrink during that period of time.Also researchers have found that some sandals are as old as 7,000 years old.This shoe was created most likely to protect the foot.But also to travel through the terrarian they live by.Which was mostly made out of sharp stones.They also used the shoe to travel to far place by foot.They would travel up to 75 miles.From this period and on the shoes have started to evolve to new and better versions that help travelers walk to further distances.
Sandals were also found in this time period.It is also said that they are as old as 7,000-8,000 years.This sandals were made out of any matirial like rope and leather.

Around the 1700’s high heels with buckles.During 17th and 18th century buckles were replaced for laces.This when shoes started being used for fashion.The most beautiful buckle heels were worn by the wealthy.But then left after the french revolution.Until the 19th century there was no left or right show.They were made to fit good after a couple of wears.

In the beginning of the 1900’s shoes weren’t really as important with women as they were for men. This is because in the early 20th century women showed little to no ankle or feet so the shoes didn’t need much detail. Their shoes were usually made of leather, called kid, and if they were wealthy their shoes would be made of silk and ‘fine’ kid with buckles or other forms of decorations on the shoes. As for men, their shoes were almost always the same. For example, the colors only varied from browns, grays and blacks. The styles usually consisted of a rounded, pointed or with an oval tip shoe. And they either wore dress up shoes or lace up boots depending on what they had planned to do. Then in the 1930’s there were 3 inch heels that were more stylish for the women. The heels had designs on the side like small holes (perforations) or thick straps. The shoes also came in a variety of textures or materials such as suede, “patent leather”, or colors that contrasted with each other. Then in the 1950’s the stiletto heels were in style, they wanted the slimmest heel possible rather than heavy “chunky” shoes that were “out” of style. There were variations of colors to match their clothes. Although for men they were more on the conservative style so their shoes were of 2 colors white, black, brown, etc.

At the beginning of the 21st century fashion was strongly influenced by technology. So many new things were introduced, but was there really a change from the past of 5,000 years ago, even today we can find ourselves wearing sandals just as we did 5,000 years ago. For instance now a days we have what is known as the “Cuban heel” no one would probably know what this is unless you refer to it as “booties”. On most websites were people buy there clothes you can see that they call the “booties” rather than “Cuban heel”. The platform soles are most recognizable from the years of 1970’s-90’s. High soles were known to keep the feet off of dirt or any dirty street/sidewalk. But today they are worn for only staying “Up to Date” with the latest trend. Up to the 90’s shoes were more leveled but and a couple years later they started getting lower only keeping people about 1/2 an inch off the ground. And now shoes are starting to get leveled up more. Shoe styles are not being changed because of lack of imagination but it is because all around the world everyone is changing.


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