Bastien Remy

freelance web development & emergencies

Counseling & production

As a freelance developper, i'm here to drive you through the process of creating your business website, intranet structure, event promotion or any other form of web related content. I could easily brag about 15 years of experience, growing along with the web, and about tons of wonderful projects ; still, the best is to meet and discuss about what i can do for you!

Recent Projects

Emergency work

The web never stops - problems happen regardless of the day or the hour. Wether it's a technical bug, a planning issue, or an unexpected hr shortage, i'm available to help you. At virtually any time of the day/night, any day of the week, i'm here to lend a hand on fixing whatever went wrong.

Simply call me and discuss your problem, so we can figure the best way to sort it out together!