Preppy Charms LEADING THE WAY!

November 2015 Recognition

Let's Make This a December to REMEMBER!

WOW! What a NOVEMBER!! We had a record breaking number of PROMOTIONS, including 4 new Stars and a BRAND NEW Director! What excitement November was! Whether you sold one necklace or 100, you were a part of Preppy Charm HISTORY! There's still a lot of SPARKLY FUN to be had in December! I guarantee there are some DUDES who don't even realize they need to get on it!! So reach out and share that Spring Preview and more!
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Jamie Rawson

Lindsay Marquiss

Amanda Harrison

Brittany Guzman

Lauren Compton

Alaina Sforza

Jocelyn Kennedy

Brandie DeLisi

Rachel Moore

Abigail Bilinski

Ashley Hull

Chelsea Potter

Elizabeth Stephens

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Jena Green

Star Stylist:

Jessica Foy

Ashley Fairfull

Ashley Drissi

Morrisa Reynolds

Associate Stylist:

Erin Collins

Allison Trigg

Lead Stylist:

Kaelee Potter

Maureen Armentrout

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All of the ladies above plus...

Jessica Pierce

Holly Parinello

Heather Stoehr

Megan Barone

Valerie Graham

Amy Carlson

Ashley Hull

Tara Bohm

Julie Sinks

Christina Tibbs

Ciara Haenke

Hannah Parrott

Erin Collins

Michelle Burgess

Beth Ratts

Susan Kim

Sarah DeBolt

Brittany Callahan

Jenna Barazi

Megan Vander Vennet

Amie Foutz

Xochitl Marin

Melissa Popadiuk

Elizabeth Monroe

Ashley Reckmeyer

Janelle Scudder

Lori Musick

Lauren Tulchinsky

Kaelee Potter

Ashley Ryan

Carol Rethmel

Kari Padilla

Tara Sheets

Katie Cieski

Samantha Stover

Angela Vitkus

Paige Clayton

Jill Hoerr

Lauren Brehaut

Casee Zigmant

Megan Kesler

Melissa Neach

Samantha Youngblood

Holly McClung

Laura Jones

Maggie Vetsch

Jennifer Hargis

Lauren Compton

Lisa Fogle

Tracy Johnsen

Whitney Lambert

Erin Larson

Maureen Armentrout

Mary Hudgens

Kimberly Mavroides

Amber Rhodes

Candace Rivet

Jennifer Davis

Lauren Gallagher

Samantha Richardson

Melissa Hindal