The world of computers

The reviews

The desktop

The desktop is a creation that is better than laptop because of its machinery allows it to run at higher frames per second for example the tower ,monitor ,key costs around £299-£1000. The people which this computer will be aimed at is people who won't need to be on the move and for people who want a very fast computer.
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The laptop.

A laptop is a more portable device which has :speakers,touch pad,keyboard and a pointing device. This device is aimed at people in education and work and for people who are on the move . These cost around £150 -£700
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The tablet

The tablet has a touchscreen and a single battery and a microphone . The people who would use this are business men and school students. They cost around £50-£5000
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The phone is used for calling people and txting people they cost around £10-£200 the people who would use it are daily people.
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