Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Roy's and Mrs. Ozar's Class

April 8th

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

-Nelson Mandela

This Week

Social Studies: The fifth graders have begun work on their Colonial Identities by dividing into colonies, researching information about their colony and professions. This will lay the groundwork for their point of view during our study of the American Revolution.

Math 6: We've been working on division facts as a group. Some students need to practice this skill more. It makes the fraction work much more difficult for students when they don't know their facts. We've also been working on negative number operations and will work on order of operations next week. So Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally(PEMDAS!).

Math 5: Fifth grade math continues to work on fractions, decimals and now per cents.

Language Arts: We continued our work with POOT and worked on M-Step prep this week.

Science: Students continued their study of the human body. We looked at the muscular system and reaction time. Due to our field trip on Monday and M-Step testing we will not have Science next week.

Spelling/Wordly Wise- We will be taking a break from spelling and wordly wise until after M Step testing.

Upcoming Events

4/11 POOT field trip to Ann Arbor- students and drivers should be at Trombly by 8:45 on Monday and will be returning to Trombly by 4:00 depending on the traffic.

4/12 M-Step (please make sure students get enough sleep and eat a healthy breakfast)

4/13 M-Step and conferences

4/14 No School and conferences all day

4/15 M-Step

4/19-4/21 M-Step