K-2 Wing Newsletter

Week of November 16-20, 2015

Classroom Clutter

As mentioned in last week's letter, the classroom clutter is growing. After today's walk through, it is evident that it wasn't cleaned up as asked for last week. Please be sure the following is cleaned up no later than COB Monday, Nov. 16th in preparation for your next check.

* All book bags, coats, papers etc. are off of the floor.

* Teacher's desk and surrounding area (including bookshelves) are neatly organized.

*Small group instruction tables (kidney tables) are clear.

* Any extra furniture is removed from the classroom (email me if you need furniture removed)

*Classroom libraries are neat. Books should be either standing up or in baskets.

*Supplies in cubbies and crates are neat.

TKES Formative

I will be finalizing your formative assessments in TKES this weekend. Please log in and sign off on your formative assessments before leaving on Friday, Nov. 20. Thanks!

Accelerated Reader (AR)

As you know, Ms. Jack has been assessing students in reading and math. I have asked Ms. Jack to join our weekly planning meeting on Thursday to show you how to access your scholars' reading levels. I've also asked her to show you how to look up book titles to help level the books you currently have in your classroom and if they have a corresponding quiz. We will be using this resource to help scholars increase their skills in reading. You are the key to making AR an important part of the classroom expectations. I will help build up the excitement for reading and passing AR tests by awarding a new golden award for AR. There will be 1 AR award for each grade level. The winning class is the class with the most points weekly. Let's make this competition one that helps push our scholar's reading levels as much as possible!

Important Dates

Nov. 17-19: Ms. Gittens will be with us.

Nov. 19: Lesson plans due for the week after Thanksgiving

Nov. 20: All classroom teachers must eat with their class during lunch.

Nov. 20: Progress Reports go home with scholars

Nov. 20: College and Career Readiness lessons are to be completed. Attendance sheets need to be submitted to your Dean.

Nov. 23-27: Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 2: Jamie Hoeksima (Ms. Gittens' boss) will be visiting.

Have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving break! Enjoy your week!

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