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After you’ve attended your event, you must complete the form at this link, http://goo.gl/forms/DWN8ZoeHsP, to have your event recorded for your requirements

P3 News & Reminders

Interested in talking to Grad students about their experience applying and being a grad?

Come to the Graduate Mentor Dinner Series this semester

First meeting: Thursday, February 11 | 4:30pm - 6pm | 200 CCC

Required to Meet Individually each semester

To schedule appointments, please contact the front desk in-person or directly at 607.255.3841.

Required to Attend a P3 event each semester

After you’ve attended your event, you must complete the form at this link, http://goo.gl/forms/DWN8ZoeHsP, to have your event recorded towards your General, Career, and Social Justice/Advocacy requirements.


To request funding, please visit our funding page for a copy of the application,

Kaplan Prep Course Support

If you are interested in taking a prep course, schedule a meeting with the P3 advisor in order to receive a 50-75% discounted price.

Writing Support

Sarah Jefferis is in the OADI office to help with any composition of documents, letters, or editing those pesky semi-colons.

Her hours are: Tuesday from 1pm-5pm, Wednesday 9am-1pm, and Friday 9am-1pm.

She is also available by email, Skype or in person after office hours or on weekends. SBJ3@cornell.edu

Campus Events this Week

* - General Event

** - Career Event

*** - Social Justice/Advocacy Event

Wednesday, February 10th

Tips and Tactics for Securing Summer Internship (Human Ecology Students)*

4:30pm | 162 MVR Hall

Interactive Resume Workshop*

4:30pm | Tatkon Center

Wait-listed or waiting: what to do?*

4:45pm | 102 Rockefeller hall

Applying for Paralegal/Legal Assistant Positions**

4:45pm | 103 Barnes Hall

Thursday, February 11th

Case Mock Interviews*

1-4pm | 103 Barnes (RSVP via Handshake)

Getting started with LinkedIn*

4:45pm | 103 Rockefeller Hall

Graduate Student Mentor Dinner*

4:30-6pm | 200 CCC

Friday, February 12th

Case Mock Interviews, 1-4pm, 103 Barnes (RSVP via Handshake)*

Upcoming Events

February 18th

Study Abroad & Health Careers Info Session**

4:45-5:45pm | 100 Caldwell Hall

Social Justice Roundtable Series***

5:30pm | 200 CCC

February 19th

Cafe Con Leche: The Transformation of the Latino Living Center***

6:30PM | Latino Living Center Main Lounge

February 24th

Careers in Psychology and Social Work Panel**

4:30pm | 280 MVR

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Prep for Med School Interviews**

5-7pm | 170-172 MVR (Human Ecology Students)

P3, EOP-HEOP, POSSE Women's Group

6-7pm | 200 CCC

email kbd44@cornell.edu or gbe5@cornell.edu for more info

February 25th

Non-profit and government career fair**

1-5pm | Statler Ballroom

Summer activities for health career students**

4:30pm | 103 Rockefeller

February 26th

2nd Annual Social Impact Career Forum**

9:15am – 2:30pm | ILR Conference Center (ILR students)

February 27th

Call to Action: Community Engagement Institute***

11:30am – 4pm | Tatkon Center (RSVP to nrw6@cornell.edu or www.psc.cornell.edu)


Binghamton University invites you to attend and participate in this year's Northeast Bioengineering Conference.


Submission Deadline 22nd February 2016

www.nebec.org | nebec16@binghamton.edu

The overarching objective of this conference is to stimulate collaboration and

promote biomedical engineering research and educational programs in the

Northeast.This two and a half day conference will include:

Career Connections Day (Tuesday Only)

Keynote and Plenary Speakers

Design Competition

And more...

For lodging and other information, please visit our site: nebec.org