Smores Checklist

Is your Smore ready?

Smores Purpose

To keep our participants on track and make the journey easier for them.

Smores Goals

  • To help participants understand the components of a particular concept
  • Hone their skills in a specific area
  • Find supporting documents on our web site

Smores Success

  • Writing after bullets should start with a capital
  • Title for the smore should relate to topic
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Focus on one aspect of the action research journey
  • APA Style - Cited References - Purdue Owl is a great reference (see below)
  • Use ROP website documents or links to alternate sources
  • Use videos or other multi media sources
  • Language should be simple and direct
  • Check it over for capitals, punctuation and spelling
  • Anything you link to or quote should be referenced
  • Content is serious, presentation can be light and fun!

The Question:

  • Do not include as part of your Smore.
  • Create a question from the information contained in your Smore. (Not in links!)

What comes next...

Email Monica, Kit and Charlie, with your question and answer as well as the title of your Smore.

We will provide you with feedback.

Make revisions, then let us know when that is done.


Reference any links or quotes that are in your Smore using APA Style from above.

Purdue Online Writing Lab. (2013, October 25). APA Formatting and Style Guide. Retrieved from: