Senior Spirit Week & Celebration of Excellence Week 2016

Weekly Events

Monday, 5/16 – Pajama Day / Make Up Testing

2:00PM – Senior Yearbook Signing Celebration, cafeteria

3:30PM – Cheer Clinic, gym

6:00PM – Parent University & AP Expectations Night, cafeteria

Tuesday, 5/17 – Teacher Twin Day / Make Up Testing

7:45AM - Faculty Collaboration Session RM 106

Lunches-Yearbook Distribution

3:30PM – Cheer Clinic, gym

Wednesday, 5/18 – Represent What’s Next Day / Make Up Testing

7:40AM – RAM University PLC, room 106

1:45PM – Celebration of Excellence Underclassmen Awards, gym (Invitation Only)

3:00PM – Dance Team Meeting, Media Center

6:00PM – Wrestling & Weightlifting Banquet, room 106

7:00PM – Spring Concert @ RR Performing Arts Center

Thursday, 5/19 Senior Citizen Day / Make Up Testing

6:00PM – Seniors Celebration of Excellence and Scholarship Night, gym

Friday, 5/20 White Out Day / Senior Exams

Schedule: 1-2-4-5, exams 1, 2, & 5

AP Art Field Trip to Dali Museum

Saturday, 5/21

9:00AM – Saturday School, EBD 1

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Kudos for Learning, Safety, and Pride!

Ms. Ortiz, Ms. Jones, Mr. Phillips recognized by Mr. Fisher for Quick response to safety issue and securing the door to ensure staff and student safety. (Safety)

English Department recognized by Ms. Iannone, Ms. Sutphin, Ms Maertin for letting us use your classroom time for course selection and final picks. (Pride)

Ms. Overturf recognized by Ms. Doohen for all your help separating and sorting RAMS Bucks! (Pride)

Ms. Grubbs recognized by Ms. Iannone for assisting with Course selection by grouping students and opening her classroom to meet with students regarding teacher recommendations for next year. (Learning)

Ms. Pioszak recognized by Ms. Charpin for being so supportive and assisting with the NHS induction ceremony. (Pride)

Ms. Overbeck recognized by Ms. Doohen for all your help and support in Marine Biology with Lesson plans, EOC review, dissection info, attendance, and grades. (Learning)

Ms. Byrd, Ms. Krupyak, Mr. Krupyak, Dr. Soto, Ms. Jones, Mr. Delgardo, Ms. Ortiz, Mr. Martinez, and Wes and Crew recognized by Ms. Murphy for all of your help with the Blue and Orange Football BBQ on Friday. (Pride)