English II - Semester 1

Mrs. Beth Morgan

Welcome Back!

This semester is going to be amazing! Once you obtain your laptops we will really begin our innovating lessons. This class will be very hands-on (tech) driven. You will need the following by Monday, August 26th: earbuds, wireless mouse (if so desired), flashdrive, and a separate divider for your binder for this class (hopefully, you will only need 1 binder for all your classes this year!).

Common Core Standards

This year we will begin utilizing the common core standards. What does this mean for you? This means ALL lessons will use content to teach SKILLS. All projects, quizzes, and tests (including the final) will be based on these skills. All standards will be given to you and all lessons will clearly address the skills we are covering. Common assessments will also be given in every English II class- midterm, quarter, and semester.

Below is a link that further explains what common core means for you!


Top Sites WE Will Be Using This Year!

How WILL we be using the laptops?

  • A general list of rules will be posted on Edmodo in our class library- parents you can access this as well.
  • If internet is an issue for you (you don't have it or it is slow) students will need to download the lesson, homework, etc on their flashdrive. Students must have a flashdrive - no exceptions.
  • Our textbook is online- all readings can be downloaded to the flashdrive
  • Projects- there will be a major project each quarter. These projects are web-based and students WILL need to be able to access internet for these projects; however, there will plenty of notice and time to work on these.
  • Charging stations will be provided in the classroom if needed- morning classes should come to class charged.
  • Laptops and online programs will NOT be teaching your students. All the classes and lessons will be student-driven and technology rich.
  • I am always available


Here are walk-through videos on how to use Google Docs and Apps. We will be using Google for almost EVERYTHING in class!