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We are here to meet your needs to make sure your loved one is respected and appreciated. Take great pride in consideration of a church or location of your choice. Services available for all budgets in order to remember your loved one. Cultural rituals are welcomed to share the memories and thoughts of the beloved family. Making a statement of the symbolic affirmation of beliefs allows us to give direction that reinforces the need of the bereavement period. Through Bible readings giving messages of healing, Tahorah rituals to the feasts shared by all are examples of what ERFH can provide to your families.

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Offering a helping hand

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 8 PM
Saturday: 9 Am - 4PM
Sunday: By Appointment Only

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Losing a loved one or something that you felt passionate about, can be painful. As many of us don’t want to think about death and the planning of a funeral, however, planning ahead helps with the grieving course. Everyone experiences the passing of a loved one differently, ERFH is here to make sure you have the right resources to help grieve appropriately. Whether you are dealing with the loss of a spouse, child, other family member, co-worker or friend, options are available for help.

Our dedicated staff wants to help and guide in a direction of hope and prosperity. This is critical role develops, the planning takes time, energy and organization. ERFH staff will ensure that all documents are taken care of and forwarded to the next step of the difficult time.

Please view the following links that will not only ease the pain and sorrow but will guide you in the direction needed to process this feeling of loss.