National Art Honor Society

What a boring world it would be without art.

Interested in Art?

Our club might be perfect for you! We provide numerous of opportunity to create new and fun memories that it will certainly be an experience of a lifetime! Our club does countless of fun activities such as workshops (making dream-catchers, ornaments, etc.), events (Artathon), field trips (to the park) and community service (pet drive)!

Come to our Rush meeting! (9/14/2015)

Rush meetings are designed for the initiation of new members, but in N.A.H.S. it is the time we allow new members to get comfortable with the atmosphere and community. If you want to be part of N.A.H.S. come by on Monday on September 14, 2015 after school at 2:20 P.M. in Art room (Upstairs to the left)! The club is sponsored by the lovely Ms. Canarro, one of our finest art teachers!

Frequently Asked Questions

- How can I join the club?

N.A.H.S. requires all members to be at least a sophomore, taken at least one art class, and pass all of their other classes including art with at least an 80. Members must also have a positive can-do attitude because in N.A.H.S. we always try the impossible!