RaSia Khepra

By: Kain Medellin

RaSia Khepra's age and birth-place.

RaSia Khepra was born in a place called Ghana that is in West Africa and currently is at the age of 18.

RaSia Khepra's Family

RaSia Khepra has three sisters named MaaKara, Anila, and Nza-Ari. He also has two brothers named Aakut and Chandini. His parents are Dr. Lance Khepra and Mrs. Kandase Khepra.

RaSia Khepra's Hobbies and Interest

He visits Ghana to help kids with their education. He also teaches third degree Chinese and calculus. He is an active athlete and likes to keep fit.

RaSia Khepra's thoughts

RaSia Khepra's said "I like to do community service, and if it can help somebodies life and be fun, I will do it."

What is RaSia Khepra's work and goal?

He travels from school to school as part of an anti violence group called project orange tree. He talks about the causes of gun violence as he tries to stop most of it. He strives for this because his close friend Hadiya Pendleton.

What RaSia Khepra changed?

He has inspired many people and shown them how it feels to lose someone very close to you. Less people from Chicago have died from a gunshot than before. There are also less teens from high school shooting randomly.

Has RaSia Khepra defied any organization/government and has he been recognized?

RaSia Khepra hasn't defied any organization or government of any sort but he has been recognized for his work by news articles, teens from schools, and even entire communities that they have helped out.

Definition of a hero

A hero is a person who has shown courage and does everything they can for their goal/cause.

Is RaSia Khepra a hero?

In my book RaSia Khepra is a hero because he continues doing everything he can to assist the battle of gun violence. He travels places talking about it and shows people what can happen.