Maria Cantwell

Washington Senator Democrat

Maria Cantwell Bio

  • Born in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 13th, 1958
  • United States Senator for the State of Washington.
  • Grew up in a strong working-class family
  • Helped build a company that created hundreds of high-paying jobs from the ground up.
  • Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000 and again in 2006
  • Lead efforts in the Senate to make America more energy independent
  • Better educational opportunities
  • Accessible health care for our families

Keystone Pipeline

Cantwells Views

  • joined all but three Democrats in voting against the amendment, even as gas prices in Washington continue to remain high.
  • fretted that oil production could foul such a pristine region which contains no roads and is barely populated
  • Cantwell doesn't want to pollute one of the last great refuges for north america and that its a sweet deal for oil companies