Hydraulic fracking

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Hydraulic Fracking?

Creating fractures in rocks by injecting fluids into cracks to force them open. Large fissures allow more oil through resulting in larger amounts of oil extraction.

Marcellus Shale

Marcellus shale has been used for its shale gas and is located under most of Pennsylvania and some of New York. Marcellus shale has been around for over 400 million years. With hundreds of wells already dug up to get this natural gas there is to be thousands more drilled in the future. Shale gas is natural gas found in shale formations. Starting at a mere 1% in 2000 shale gas has grown to over 20% of the natural gas production. That percentage is expected to keep increasing.

What do i think of hydraulic fracturing?

Although i do not know much about hydraulic fracturing and exactly why we use it i feel that hydraulic fracturing does more harm than good. As i was looking around the internet for articles to help me finish this flyer i saw more evil than good, it seemed, about hydraulic fracturing. I found out that hydraulic fracturing can cause cancer. A major concern for hydraulic fracturing is that it can contaminate groundwater during the process. Also there can be a "blowout", which is when an oil leak occurs that cannot be controlled. Up to 600 chemicals are used in fracturing fluid. That, in no way, can be safe! It takes 72 billion gallons of water to run our current gas wells. This water could be used for more effective and energy efficient causes. Hydraulic fracturing can contaminate drinking water with thousands of cases including symptoms such as sensory, respiratory, and neurological damage. Even after hydraulic fracturing is complete it can be harmful to the air. the fluid is left to evaporate which in turn contaminates the air and cause acid rain and ground level ozone. As i said before i do not know everything there is to know about hydraulic fracturing but what i do know is shocking and scary. If hydraulic fracturing can be so harmful why is it even allowed to be done?