Library News

November 14, 2016

Welcome to WCE Library!

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Library Happenings

New students - Please email me when a new student is enrolled in your class.

Library closed - The library closes each day during my conference (8:45-9:30) & lunch (12:15-12:45).

Overdue Report/Notices - Overdue reports are in boxes today and notices will be in boxes on Wednesday. Please pass these out promptly so overdue books can be taken care of before the break.

Thanksgiving Break - Please encourage students to read during the holiday. If you think students are traveling, please remind them to return the book. (Don't leave it at Grandma's!)

Makerspace - New additions to our Makerspace have been added. 3-5 grade grade teachers (possibly science teachers?), please plan to put your class on the schedule for an expectations refresher & introductions to the new items. Stop by the library to see the schedule.

Scholastic Reading Club Bonus Points - Earn 100 extra bonus points on your next Scholastic Reading club order with coupon code; 60020. Code is good until February 28, 2017.

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