to our LIS Community

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Oh What Fun It Is!

The World Famous Breakfast lived up to it's name by reminding us all of the gifts we are to each other! LIS is and always will be a place where we support each other, care deeply and always do what is best for our school community. Thank you for being the Worlds' Greatest Faculty and Staff!
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Retirees Return for the World Famous Breakfast!

It is hard to put into words the gratitude we have for our retirees as they shaped LIS into the school it is today! We have all learned so much from all of them about teaching, life and loving what we do! Be sure that this amazing spirit continues throughout the halls and classroom of LIS everyday. The current administration is forever thankful to you for being the best models of character anyone can wish for.
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The Chefs - Thanks Guys!

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Congratulations to the New LTPS Community Liason Manager!

Good luck in your new position Lauren! You make us proud.
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Handmade Pillows! Nice Work Mrs. AVT!

Dates to Remember!

Week of Jan. 4

Monday, Jan. 4 - 4A Day - GCN Faculty Meeting – 3:45 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 5 – 4B Day

Wednesday, Jan. 6 – 5A Day

Thursday, Jan. 7 – 5B Day – Spelling Bee – Gr. 6-9:00 am/Gr. 4-10:00am/Gr. 5-2:00 pm

Friday, Jan. 8 – 6A Day

Week of Jan. 11

Monday, Jan. 11 –6B Day – Faculty Meeting – 3:45 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 12 – 4A Day

Wednesday, Jan. 13 – 4B Day –

Thursday, Jan. 14 – 5A Day

Friday, Jan. 15 – 5B Day