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December 2015

Tis' the Season

It is the season to be..... you fill in the blank. What did you say? This season is filled with so much! It can be stressful and busy. It can be joyful and calm. If you are like me it is some combination of that! At my home we do take some time to remember the story of the birth of Christ, always remembering that we are called to celebrate HIS death, burial and resurrection. We do take the time to stop everything and just have family time. BUT leading up to that family time there is hustle and bustle. We want to be with extended family, we want to socialize with friends, we want to see special programs and go to special events. We want to find the perfect gift. I can find myself spread thin! I find myself evaluatng daily. Everything in life takes investments of time or money or both and what do I want to be invested in and what do I want to let go! I hope that you find some time this season to do the things that matter most. I hope you find the courage to let the things go that aren't meant for this season. As we approach the end of this year I want to thank everyone of you for being a part of my life and my business! My life is richer because of it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

dōTERRA has much to offer this month. See below for all the juicy info!


I love the smell of Cassia. Cassia is what you usually get when a product is labeled cinnamon. It smells like candy to me. I use anytime I really need a sweet smell. I put it in my boys smelly shoes, I put it in my pantry when I discovered rotten potatoes the other day, I put it in my foamy soap! I love the smell at this time of year. I use Frankincense daily to promote healthy cell function and for emotional support. Holiday Joy smells just like that! It will be in my diffuser from now until New Years. I also make sugar scrub with it and it makes me happy!
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I hope that each one of you understands the gift of Frankincense. It truly is a precious gift and a treasure. There is a reason it was brought to the baby Jesus. This month when you spend 200 pv you get Frankincense Free!!!!!!!! Make sure you set you this order as an LRP and place it on or before Dec 15 and you will also get a Holiday Joy FREE! Then you will also get your shipping back in points and at least 20 points back to shop later. If you are not on LRP and you want to set up LRP this month, shoot me an email and I have an EXTRA bonus for you to get it started this month!

Matthew 2:11

Matthew 2:11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.
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Emotion Oils and Touch Oils Now Available Individually

I love my new emotion oils. I love to wear Motivate and Passion Daily! It is basically how I want to attack each day, whether I am teaching homeschool or a dōTERRA class. I put Peace on at night or if am upset. I tell my body it is ok to let it go and sleep! I love the aroma and I love the emotion! I would love to hear which emotion oil resonates with you. Wouldn't this make a fun Christmas present. Which of your friends needs Peace, which one needs Cheer, and which one needs Forgive!

The Touch Line of Oils is pre-diluted for convenience! It is AWESOME. I have been using oils for three years and I am telling you I am in love with this pre-diluted line. When my little boy had tummy upset in the middle of the night I didn't have to mess around, pre-diluted DigestZen was ready to go, when I am out and about I pull it out of my purse and roll it on, no fuss! I have one set of all of them and I want a second set. I want one for upstairs by my boys room, oils they can use all by their self and a set for my purse. When you go to purchase just add the word touch! Breathe Touch for example.

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