CHE Update for 2/12

Coyote Staff Update

Google Hangouts

A good chunk of last week was spent with me investigating and figuring out the going-on's of 5th graders on Google Hangouts. Some of the messages being exchanged on the platform were beyond explicit for any age, let alone for 10 year old students. My recommendation and request from you, make sure you are taking the time to speak to students about the use of social media and communication mediums and that you are regularly monitoring what students are doing. Talk to them about password protection and about the fact that the school district regularly monitors the use of devices. If you suspect that something inappropriate is going on, take action. Always feel free to reach out!


Show your support for Mr. Bondy and our Morning PE. Let's make sure we are outside by start time and that we are active with the children (participating, monitoring, or greeting).

MAP Testing Continues

MAP Testing continues this week. The schedule is below. Remember to reference Shelley's email when selecting the assessment your students are working on. As soon as classes are complete, I am taking the data and putting it in a spreadsheet that is a bit more friendly than the MAP and Illuminate docs. If you don't get a spreadsheet from me within a couple of days of your class taking the assessment, please email me.

ELPAC Underway

Ms. Baker and Ms. Spence are starting ELPAC testing this week. It is of vital importance that you are flexible and patient with them. The work is time consuming and important and we want to support them as much as possible. Please reach out to Ms. Baker if you are interested in helping with some of the group testing. It would be of immense help to her to have additional staff to assist.

Update for Events for February!

I shared my calendar a couple of weeks ago. My calendar, in addition to the school calendar, should COVER nearly all of the events for our school. So instead of listing everything below, from now on, I will highlight a couple of important things.

February: **MAP Testing Window Continues**, ELPAC underway

February 13: PTA Meeting library @ 6:15,

February 14: Valentines Day, Trotter @ Oakbrook Triad @ 8:30

February 16: SOM names due

February 19: NO school, Presidents Day

February 22: CHE Triad @ 8:30

February 22: Board Meeting Honoring Classified Employees--AMOS COLEMAN! @ 6:00